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Addo Heritage for sale

Green-pink petals protect the round buds they unfold into a lovely coral pink flowers. Producing long stemmed flowers from spring into winter.

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Antique Silk for sale

Attractive star shaped blooms with very firm petals. Ivory cream with a silky sheen. Vigorous. Good picking rose.

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Bavarian Gold for sale

Yellow flowers. No fragrance. Medium double petals, high centered bloom form. Blooms in flashes throughout the season.

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Burning Sky for sale

Long, pointed buds open into large blooms. Shades of lavander, purple, bright pink and ruby red emerge at various stages as the flower opens.

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Duftwolke for sale

Shapely, pointed, double blooms are often of exhibition quality. The warm orange to coral red of the buds changes to an orange-pink on mature blooms

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Esther Geldenhuys for sale

This rose combines vigour, a pleasing coral colour, an absolutely superb shape of bud and open bloom and the ability to stay fresh on the bush and in the vase.

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Germiston Gold for sale

The medium sized, urn-shaped buds are sharply pointed and as the broad, firm petals unfold, the slightly serrated and curly edges lend the opening bloom that extra special attraction. The deep yellow colour holds well in the sun.

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Iceberg floribunda

Iceberg floribunda for sale

Small pointed buds are borne in clusters of pure white. Vigorous.

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Karoo Roos for sale

Trim lightly after flowering to keep neat. Full sun and fertile well drained soil. Flowers are blue-purple. Evergreen.

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Pappa Meilland for sale

Large, exuistely shaped buds unfold into large dusty crimson with a heavy velvety texture. Vigorous and healthy.

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Pascali for sale

One of the best white cut roses, medium sized blooms borne on long pickable stems. Healthy and vigorous.

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Satchmo for sale

High buds unfold into semi-double blooms in large clusters of bright orange-red which deepens later in autumn.

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Simplicity for sale

Semi-double, clear pink flowers, made up from firm petals. The name Simplicity refers not only to clean simple appearance but as much to simplicity of planting a rose which needs very little care.

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