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Wholesale Roses

Addo Heritage for sale

Green-pink petals protect the round buds they unfold into a lovely coral pink flowers. Producing long stemmed flowers from spring into winter.

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Antique Silk for sale

Attractive star shaped blooms with very firm petals. Ivory cream with a silky sheen. Vigorous. Good picking rose.

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Duftwolke for sale

Shapely, pointed, double blooms are often of exhibition quality. The warm orange to coral red of the buds changes to an orange-pink on mature blooms

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Electron for sale

Warm cerise pink pointed buds unfold into large blooms which reveal the stamens when open. Sun.

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Elina for sale

Large ivory flowers with lemon centres on long stems.

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Esther Geldenhuys for sale

This rose combines vigour, a pleasing coral colour, an absolutely superb shape of bud and open bloom and the ability to stay fresh on the bush and in the vase.

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Iceberg floribunda

Iceberg floribunda for sale

Small pointed buds are borne in clusters of pure white. Vigorous.

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Karoo Roos for sale

Trim lightly after flowering to keep neat. Full sun and fertile well drained soil. Flowers are blue-purple. Evergreen.

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Rose Amarula Profusion

Rose Amarula Profusion for sale

Clusters of apricot-cream blooms with firm petals.

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Rose Andrea Stelzer

Rose Andrea Stelzer for sale

Clear pink with extremely long stems and large pointed blooms. A tall growing bush with mildew-resistant foliage.

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Rose Arthur Bell

Rose Arthur Bell for sale

Fragrant semi-double, golden yellow flowers that fade to cream as they age.

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Rose Black Magic

Rose Black Magic for sale

Dark red, almost black, long stemmed rose with a long vase life.

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Rose Blossom Magic

Rose Blossom Magic for sale

A strong grower, producing clusters of large flowers. The bright rose-pink hardly ever fades.

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Rose Blue Moon

Rose Blue Moon for sale

Pointed, shapely, full blooms in a clear silver-lilac colour. Upright, vigorous healthy growth.

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Rose Burgundy Iceberg

Rose Burgundy Iceberg for sale

Floriferous roses with velvet burgundy flowers with lighter reverse.

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Rose Cora Marie

Rose Cora Marie for sale

The clear, red bloom does not lose its velvetiness and crimson glow, even in the hottest sun. Vigorous and tall growing. Cut flower.

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Rose Crown Princess

Rose Crown Princess for sale

Apricot coloured English rose.

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Rose Double  Delight

Rose Double Delight for sale

Pointed cream buds unfurl revealing large double blooms, broadly margined with scarlet. Scented. Vigorous, healthy and prolific.

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Rose Easy Does It

Rose Easy Does It for sale

Blooms with ruffled petals in hues of orange, peach and apricot.

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Rose Electron

Rose Electron for sale

Warm cerise pink pointed buds unfold into large blooms which reveal the stamens when open. Sun.

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Rose Elizabeth Galamis

Rose Elizabeth Galamis for sale

Excellent shape in bud and bloom, a most pleasing salmon, with a golden base to each petal.

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Rose Fellowship

Rose Fellowship for sale

Deep copper to apricot semi-double blooms. Healthy grower.

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Rose Garden & Home

Rose Garden & Home for sale

Old fashioned yellow/cream blooms with a fruity, spicy fragrance.

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Rose Gold Bunny

Rose Gold Bunny for sale

A deep yellow climber with blooms of a pleasing rose shape and firm petals. This rose is always covered with pickable blooms. Sun.

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Rose Golden Celebration

Rose Golden Celebration for sale

Fragrant large golden yellow flowers on strong stems. Can be trained over arches and pergolas.

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Rose Golden Monica Hybrid Tea

Rose Golden Monica Hybrid Tea for sale

Almost thornless stems. Excellent cut flowers with deep yellow petals.

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Rose Goldmarie

Rose Goldmarie for sale

Floribunda rose of deep yellow with red at the edges. Medium to large blooms. Cut flower.

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Rose Harmonie

Rose Harmonie for sale

Salmon-pink roses. Cut flower.

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Rose Joro

Rose Joro for sale

Fragrant orange blooms.

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Rose Just Joey Hybrid Tea

Rose Just Joey Hybrid Tea for sale

Large copper-apricot double blooms with frilly edges. Strong grower. Sun.

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Rose Lisa

Rose Lisa for sale

Deep pink spiralled blooms on long stems all season long. Ideal cut flower.

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Rose Little Red Hedge

Rose Little Red Hedge for sale

The small pointed buds are a clear carmine red and produced on rigid little side stems, opening into firm double blooms. Miniature cut flower.

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Rose Miriam Makeba

Rose Miriam Makeba for sale

Hybrid tea rose with large, very full light pink blooms with darker centers and strong fragrance. Good for beds, borders and cut flowers.

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Rose Mister Lincoln

Rose Mister Lincoln for sale

Easy to grow rose with large, rich red, velvety blooms on long stems. Perfumed petals are used for rose jam, rose liqueur or rose wine. Sun.

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Rose Oklahoma

Rose Oklahoma for sale

Large, deep velvet-red, strong perfumed, full blooms on strong growing plants. Used for potpourri, rose jam, rose wine or rose liqueur. Sun.

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Rose Orange Sensation

Rose Orange Sensation for sale

Big flowers, mostly carried on short, sturdy stems. Very clear orange-red. Moderately fragrant.

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Rose Patricia Lewis

Rose Patricia Lewis for sale

Deep pink, medium sized blooms on thornless stems. Vigerous grower. Cut flower.

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Rose Peace

Rose Peace for sale

Round, slightly pointed buds with cream, yellow and carmine unfold into massive blooms. Sun.

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Rose Queen Elizabeth

Rose Queen Elizabeth for sale

Pointed, medium sized, clear pink buds unfold into fairly large clusters and individually on long stems. Ideal as cut flowers. Sun.

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Rose Roberto Capucci

Rose Roberto Capucci for sale

Vigerous grower with big, shapely buds that open into large blooms with petals in mixed shades of pink on long stems.

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Rose Robertson Roos

Rose Robertson Roos for sale

Pink floribunda similar to Karroo Rose with a slightly smaller flower.

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Rose South Africa

Rose South Africa for sale

Disease resistant, vigorous floribunda with clusters of golden yellow double blooms. Full sun.

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Rose True Love

Rose True Love for sale

Pointed buds of ivory with shades of baby pink opens to large pure white blooms on long stems. Good cut flower. Sun.

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Rose Vodacom

Rose Vodacom for sale

Clusters of fully petalled, fairly large, blueish purple blooms. Sun.

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Rose White Midinette™

Rose White Midinette™ for sale

Easy grower with masses of white blooms. Can be trained to form a feature in a short time.

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Rose Winter Sun

Rose Winter Sun for sale

Classic shaped light yellow blooms.

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Rose Yellow Flower Carpet

Rose Yellow Flower Carpet for sale

Semi-double. non-fading, buttercup-yellow flowers.

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Satchmo for sale

High buds unfold into semi-double blooms in large clusters of bright orange-red which deepens later in autumn.

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Simplicity for sale

Semi-double, clear pink flowers, made up from firm petals. The name Simplicity refers not only to clean simple appearance but as much to simplicity of planting a rose which needs very little care.

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